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Top 5 Benefits of Double Glazing & Why You Should Get It Done

Planning to upgrade to double glazing? About time! Double glazing has gradually taken over the market and become standard practice in modern home development due to the many advantages it offers. Made with two glass panes separated by a small gap filled with an inert gas, double glazed windows and doors provide twice as much heat retention as compared to the traditional single glazed fittings. While this is the primary reason why all modern properties have double glazed fixtures, there are several other benefits of double glazing that make them the correct and wise choice for a home or office. Here are the 7 best advantages of double glazing:

1) Thermal Insulation

This one is a no-brainer! The most important benefit, which is also the reason for its popularity, is its heat retention capacity. Double glazed windows can trap the heat inside the room and prevent it from transferring out into the cold atmosphere. This keeps your rooms warm for a long time, reducing your dependency on heaters. Similarly, during summer months, double glazing keeps the heat outside from passing into the room, keeping your space cool and pleasant. In short, double glazing is the secret to staying warm in winter and cool in the summer at home.

2) Energy Efficient

Living in an older property comes with a lot of structural as well as economic challenges, often leading to exorbitant expenses that can be easily avoided. Double glazing is one of the most effective ways of making a home or office more energy efficient. By providing better heat retention, double glazed windows help reduce your dependency on central heating, thereby reducing your energy consumption significantly. Depending on the type of property you reside in, you can save between £40-£120 on your energy bills each year just by getting double glazing throughout your home. What’s more? You will also be making your home more environment-friendly by choosing to get double glazing and reducing your energy consumption.

3) Noise Reduction

Nothing is more annoying than living with the constant noise from the outside disturbing your peace at home. Along with cold air, double glazing also keeps the noise outside from coming into your home. They are the perfect choice and a must-have if you live in a busy neighbourhood, on a main road or near the airport. Similarly, double glazed windows also keep the noise inside your house from being heard outside, giving you complete privacy and peace of mind.

4) Better Security

Double glazed fixtures provide much better protection against break-ins as compared to single glazed windows and doors. They are difficult to break and cannot easily be forced open from the outside, making it tough for burglars to get in. Moreover, double glazed windows come in different varieties such as toughened or laminated glass, which can help strengthen your defences even further.

5) Reduced Condensation

If you have single glazed windows, you have most likely seen water droplets forming on your windowpanes during winters. If left unchecked, this condensation can lead to mould and mildew to build up in your walls, which can have serious consequences on your health as well as pocket. Double glazing keeps the temperature of the inner glass closer to the temperature inside the room, thereby reducing condensation and the risk of any associated problems. It also reduces the cost of maintenance and repairs which may otherwise need to be undertaken due to water damage.

Double glazing is a clear winner when it comes to choosing the right windows and doors for your home or office. It not only keeps your space, warm, cosy, and comfortable all year-round, but also helps reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint in the long run. AM Homes and Development partner with the best window specialists that have over 20 years of experience in expertly designing and installing the right windows as per individual needs. You can get personalised advice on choosing windows and doors that match the requirements of your property, regardless of its character. Get in touch to know more!

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