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Double Glazing Can Save You Money. Here’s How.

Double glazed windows have remained popular since their introduction in the 70’s, thanks to the many benefits they offer as compared to their single glazed counterparts. Apart from providing an added sense of security, double glazed windows are proven to provide twice as much protection against heat loss as compared to single glazed windows. Even though it is now standard practice to install double glazed windows in new homes, around 7% of houses across UK still do not have double glazing. So, how can double glazed windows save you money and why should your home have them?

First, let’s understand what double glazed windows are.

Double glazed windows are made of two layers of glass that are separated by a small gap of approximately 16mm, which is insulated with an inert, non-toxic and non-flammable gas like argon. The two glass panes are held apart with the help of a non-metallic frame, giving them a sturdy structure that has considerable strength and longevity. This arrangement is also responsible for the better heat retention capability of double glazed windows.

Importance of Double Glazing

In most cases, a property that has old construction and weak insulation will lose around 18%-25% heat through its windows. Since the UK experiences cold and damp weather for more than half the year, it is especially important for homes, offices, and other structures to have features that can help retain heat inside the space, without costing an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, this is not always true as many of these spaces still lack standard double glazing on their windows. Many property owners are simply unaware of just how much money they can save per year by opting to install double glazing on their windows.

So how does double glazing save you money?

Simply, by reducing heat loss, double glazed windows allow your homes and office spaces to remain warmer for longer. This is because the gap between the two panels, filled with a poor heat-conducting gas, prevents heat from transferring from the room to outside. Hence, the same warm air circulates in the room and keeps it warm and cosy for longer. This means, even on the coldest days, you will be running your heaters on lower powers and for shorter durations and consuming much less energy than you would be doing with single glazed windows.

Is it worth the cost?

Absolutely. The thermal efficiency of double glazed windows is likely to give them a higher energy efficiency rating, which can save you between £40-£120 each year, depending on the type of property you reside in. Since double glazed windows are built to last for at least around 20 years, you can save a substantial amount on your energy bills over a span of two decades.

Double glazing has become an integral part of modern homes thanks to its energy saving features. It is one of the best means to judge the quality of a property and is a vital consideration when choosing one for your dream home. At AM Homes and Development, we understand the importance of having energy-saving features in a home. Hence, we partner with highly experienced window specialists who can provide personalised advice on selecting the best, most energy-efficient windows for your home. You can also choose from a wide range of options including traditional, contemporary or something in between, based on the character of your house. To know more about installing energy-efficient double glazed windows, get in touch.

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